Dean Faculty of Medicine

Key accountabilities:

  • Academic Leadership:
    • Manages resources of undergraduate and graduate teaching programs and arranges for interaction of faculty curricular. The Dean assures that service and prerequisite courses in the faculty are provided in adequate numbers, and that the course syllabi meet the needs of subjects for which the courses are prerequisites.
    • Encourages the planning and development of new curricular configurations, i.e., more rational, imaginative and economic ways to coordinate or consolidate the subject matters of the various discipline aggregated under the label of the faculty.
    • Facilitates the development of research, performance, and enrichment activities.
    • Reviews current academic programs. Identifies and assists programs of excellence, and maintains a climate hospitable to creativity and innovation.
    • Approves appointment of academic administrators in accordance with campus delegations; assures their proper orientation and training.
    • Maintains and affirmatives action program for faculty and staff recruitment and retention consistent with University affirmative action policies.


    • To ensure all research requirement and expectations are achieved
    • To encourage staff to take on research work and publications
    • To ensure sufficient grants are obtained to facilitate the research activities

Student Affairs:

    • To students matters are effectively managed by the faculty
    • To ensure that students orientation, induction, success and graduation are well managed
    • To ensure students wellbeing is taken care

Business Development

    • To work cohesively with the Marketing/Business Department and provide sufficient support with the Department in order to improve the new students enrolment
    • To develop strategies in generating revenues for the faculty¬† and work with other department to materialize the strategies

Academic Personnel:

    • Recommends, and when delegated, approves recruitment, appointment, promotion, corrective action and termination of academic personnel.
    • Supports and assists the scholarly development of the faculty, particularly junior faculty; fosters research programs.
    • Administers leave policies; has authority to approve or reject for paid and unpaid leaves, including sabbatical leaves, in accordance with policy.
    • Identify training needs for employees in the faculty and recommend suitable trainings to upskill the employees.

Administrative Direction:

    • Responsible for the financial affairs of the faculty, including seeking budgetary and extramural funds and managing the faculty resources; facilitates grant applications.
    • Identifies needs for faculty positions, establishes priorities, and makes recommendations to the VC and Managing Director.
    • Assures proper management of and is responsible for space, facilities, and property for the division.
    • Assures reasonable utilization of budget
    • Assures operational expenses are under control and contribute to stronger financial standing of the faculty.

Administrative Coordination

    • Consult University management team in the development and implementation of campus-wide policies and programs and provides advice regarding the recruiting and evaluation of campus staff whose activities significantly affect the division.
    • Consults University senior management to obtain support for faculty goals, to coordinate related campus activities, and to obtain advice regarding the recruiting and evaluation of staff whose activities significantly affect campus functions.
    • Works with the academic departments and programs and the DVC to maintain effective interaction between faculty governance and academic administration with regard to faculty affairs.
    • Works with other Deans to maintain communication and cooperation among faculty, to explore possibilities for reciprocal and joint arrangements, and to review matters of common concern.

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